Piano player, arranger and composer. He is one of those "hard to find" musicians.

His versatility lets him perform almost any genere of argentinian popular music:

Tango, Milonga, Candombe, Zamba and Chacarera, and he's also very familiar with performing 

Rock, Jazz and Cassical Music.

His work is influenced by Julio de Caro, Aníbal Troilo, Piazzolla, Carlos Guastavino,

Diego Schissi, Miles Davis and Avishai Cohen. He graduated from Quilmes National University (UNQ) with "Electroacustic Music Composition" degree and he's finishing master's degree

of "Latin American Music Interpretation" in "Cuyo National University" in Mendoza, Argentina.


pablo murgier

He has a very diverse professional musical background. He played with Cacho Castaña for many years; he is part of "Ensamble Electrico" led by aclaimed jazz violinist Sergio Poli with whom recorded "Luna de Hielo" CD; he is also part of "Ensamble del CIMAP" with well-known piano player Hilda Herrera conducting; and at the same time is pursuing his own solo career.

In 2016 he forms "Sexteto Murgier", a six-peace neo tango band, record a debut CD called

"Muy Lejos".


With his talent and musical capacity Pablo brings to Cuarteto Biraben a lot of vitality that is so necessary for that type of music to be able to mature.