Federico Biraben is a bandoneon player, composer and musical arranger. His is the natural outcome of his academic studies ay Conservatory Manuel de Falla, combined with his work with his composition teacher Manolo Juarez, and his experience as a bandoneon player, playing any type of Tango, from Orquestas Tipicas to Tango Jazz. There are all types of influences seen in his musical universe, but Federico has a special interest in an Argentinian and Latin American popular music. 


federico biraben

Having played with such great figures of Tango like Cacho Castaña, Amelita Baltar y Raúl Lavié, among others, allowed him to understand deeply the meaning of popular music. His work in so many groups and Tango companies, gave him the opportunity to travel around the globe with concerts in Japan, Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Angola, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Canada among others countries.




He arranged and directed the album "Carmin", by Mariana Quinteros, and towards the end of 2014, he creates Cuarteto Biraben, band with which he tries to capture, through the music, his vision of Buenos Aires nowdays.