Tango is universally know, listened, played, sang and

danced in every corner of the planet.


It goes beyond borders, languages, culture and religion; it expands

constantly, connecting people through space and time.


However, there is a fruitful land where Tango is born, where it grows,

dies and it is reborn. There is a fountain from where it spings: Buenos Aires,

located south of South America, always full of life, contradictory, chaotic and

beatifull al the same time.


Cuarteto Biraben is an expression ofg Buenos Aires nowdays, with its treasures

and miseries, its endless worlds and fruitful ambiguity.

cuarteto biraben

Towards the end of 2014 the quartet is born, given the need to capture

within a group and a certain music, a new view of Tango.

Cuarteto does not seek to recreate the past, but to express the present,

with the roots set in the Tango and the fruits at present.


With a typical Tango lineup: Violin, Bandoneon, Piano and Double Bass;

following the tradition of great masters of the genere like Horacio Salgan,

Anibal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla; Cuarteto departs from the Tango,

searching for a personal and authentic sound, feeling like chamber music

at times and more free and spontaneous at others but always

preserving its origin from Rio de la Plata.


Listening to the Cuarteto Biraben implies stepping into a very personal world,

sometimes heavy and dense, then stripped, later conflictive and disturbing.

With a lot of timbre richness, this music transport us through climates, images

and sound combinations difficult to catalog within a genere.


A musical experience that invites you to close your eyes and let yourself go...